1. camnthecanadian said: Athy and Niun in 18



  2. askkevinandalex:

    Heads of mobs and players~

    (from left to right)

    askendermanadventurer melodys-misadventures askneighbro

    Alex, Kevin, notsoroyalmobs askminecraftiasgod wilsonthenderman askavismellori

    [Athyallë]: U vU Oh my, thank you so much for including me~

  3. the-great-ninja-blu:

    It’s Ranwë’s Birthday.
    Have a palette challenge PARKOUR to celebrate.

    Woooooo…… 51— and still in puberty. Ah, elves….
    It’s okay bby, your voice is beautiful even though it cracks when you talk to the ladies.

    [Ranwë]: …..My voice does NOt-  …..crack. 

  4. storm-of-colors:

    Fanart for askneighbro

    Blu, you deserve lots of love |D

    » ;u; Lookit that pretty laaadyyyyy!
    This one is from the artist of »Ask Eve«, Go check them out if you ike what you see- I sure do! «


  5. Anonymous said: Ranwe, have you ever thought of building at least a small token of your home in minecraftia? Doriath and Gondolin were built as recreations of Valinor, after all.


    [Ranwë]: The thing is that there just isn’t a use here for something so opulent. At least, not anything I’ve been asked to design. None of my clients have wanted anything close to that, and I don’t have the funds to make something like that on my own….


  6. Anonymous said: So wait, ranion, doesn't that mean that melkor is there with you?


    [Ránion]: For once I have something to do other than sit and contemplate what my visions have been telling me. After this I will contemplate more, but for once, while my head is clear, I am not going to worry about it…


  7. Anonymous said: Have you heard/watched/read about the Cybermen? The way you reacted to that Tekkit server a while back they probably seem like something out of a nightmare.


    [Ránion]: It has something to do with a doctor…yes?


  8. Anonymous said: What's this I heard about a photo collection?

    [Ránion]: …… I…… Have no idea what you are speaking of…….

  10. the-great-ninja-blu:

    oops, my hand slipped and drew Nuinedil as a merman